est° is a direction as well as a statement.

est° focuses on architecture, crossing the fields of urban design, landscape, planning, theoretical research. Through this, we believe our designs can provide better definitions.

est° is both a chance to use our past experiences to inform our journey and present unexpected ones for the future: est°!

est° is the name we finally agreed on. On our way to est°, there have been many others which helped us shape it.

est° architettura is a studio founded in Rome by Elisa Avellini, Andrea De Sanctis, Daniele Frediani.

est° architettura would not be the same without Anastasia Barasheva, Francesco Camilli, Marcella Claps, Silvia De Lisi, Giulia De Oliveira, Massimo Dicecca, Dario Marcobelli, Francesco Martone, Martina Morino, Isabella Zaccagnini, Michele Benignetti, Valentina Ciaffoni, Federico Cuzzolini, Paolo Cornelio Fabbri, Maria Vittoria Tata, Valeria Verzili.

est° has been lucky enough to collaborate with many other great people. We hope we can continue doing so.

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